Thursday, 15 March 2012


When you a near to your waking moments you seem to be able to attune yourself to the sounds of the waking world. During this state of mind your dreams are effected by the background noise, what you hear seems to converge with what your dreaming at the time. If the phone rings you seem to hear a phone ring in your dream which may have changed what you would of dreamt. Every time you are awoken at night you find yourself being able to recall your last dream, but if you have had an interrupt free night than many people find it hard to recall if they dreamt anything at all. On the odd times people can sometimes have  a dream and during their day get reminded of the dream they may have had earlier. Is this a prediction or merely a coincidence of serendipity.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


We have all had dreams we are as naked as the day we were born, Is this our mind trying to tell us that we feel that everyone is watching us. If our subconscious needs to remind us that we are a little paranoid than what does this say about our own awarness. Or is our personal peception affecting us in our sleep as well as our waking life because we cant get past our own insecruities. If we start to accept ourselves and get past the anxiety that comes with feeling sorry for ourselves then will that stop us from dreaming of ourselves without any clothes on.


When your subconscious becomes conscious you start to experience dream awareness. A dream where you know you cant get in trouble for excising your issues with people of authority. Those who have wished they could tell their boss off for making them feel less of person use this opportunity to express their opinion of their employer. This is also an opportunity to slow down and make sense of the surroundings knowing that you are the creator of this amazing site. Your only chance to try and take in the creativity that would have been applied to creating your own portable universe.


Some dreams you could do no wrong because if ever you were questioned, your answer would be the right one. In a dream the moment you walked into someones home you would be challenged by the owner and all you would have to say is this is my house.The so called owner would take your word for it and leave. If you walked out of a shop without paying for an item then a security guard would try and stop you, your answer would be this is my shop i own it and he would apologise and leave. This power only comes to you when you are aware that you are the ruler of this world, if you ever master the power to have those in a trance you will never have nightmares. Nightmares are sign you are no longer in charge of your own mind.


Dreams are reminders of our daily routines and our thoughts that lay dormant in our subconscious. Our daily routines are hard to separate because of the monotonous tasks that fill the day. This is sometimes reflected in a dream that we've had before. A dream where we made a wrong turn and got caught, this reminder enlightens us to an outcome that we now have the power to change. The dream carries through and a different path opens us to new possibilities. The lucid the dream, the easier for us to survive the challenges we put to ourselves remembering that the moment we fail the information is filed and will remain there until we come across the same dream. This is like a mini series that doesn't seem to get us anywhere for that work and obligation will always interfere with our minds therapy.


Dream chases  are a common re-occurrences that we all seem to experience. We seem to be an enemy of own way of thinking, it's almost as if the chase scene is a defence mechanism to our own curiosity that stops our thoughts from questioning something we not ready to know. When we are eventually caught we wake as quick as we are caught, this is enough to shake us out of sleep and leaving us feeling anxious. Any questions we might have had during the dreams are forgotten the moment we are left feeling unsatisfied because we have failed the journey by getting caught by the over powering crowd.


So many different types of dreams people experience every night, and people are still vague when describing what sought of dreams they had. We almost are a bit shy to share the nights details because it is hard for some people to separate a dream where you control what happens to the other dreams where you feel that  you are on auto pilot. Dreams can get strange quickly because there isn't a natural order to how things flow during sleep, leaving the dreamer feeling guilty because of what his alter ego might have done. You are left at the mercy of your own mind and when you can not influence the direction of your choices you find yourself doing the complete opposite of what you might have done if there was repercussions.